Pete at MSG

​​"The LORD loves righteousness and justice. His mercy fills the earth." Psalm 33:5


Peter Krauss is, before anything else, a servant of Jesus Christ and he seeks to glorify Him, by answering the call to serve in a position of public trust as the Suffolk County Sheriff.

With that being said, Peter Krauss is:

  • a husband to one wife for over twenty-three (23) years.   Peter and his wife Jennifer  started dating the summer after High School.
  • a homeschooling father with six (6) children & one (1) grandson.  Peter’s two oldest children have graduated High School, he home-schools his four youngest.
  • a retired NYPD Special Assignment Sergeant – having completed twenty (20) years of service.  See Qualification Page

As an NYPD officer, Sgt. Krauss gained valuable experience in patrol operations, administrative functions, supervisory responsibility, and management protocols.

The Sheriff is historically a ministerial position who has been entrusted with significant authority in order to ensure that the rights of the people are not being infringed or abdicated.  Since the Sheriff is entrusted with protecting the rights of the citizens, it stands to reason that the Sheriff must be trustworthy, responsible, of high integrity, and sound moral character.   You deserve a Sheriff with these traits and you deserve someone who cares about you.

Peter’s passion in life was never to attain higher social stature or power.  His passion is for liberty, justice, the Constitution, the People and the protection of People’s inalienable rights.  Peter is not owned by anyone or any political party. He is beholden only to God and to YOU, the people of this great county.  He is not asking you to elect him as Sheriff to be a ruler over you, rather, he is asking you to elect him as sheriff to be a Servant unto you…The People of Suffolk County.  This year you have a choice.


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