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  1. I met Sgt. Peter Krauss when the NYPD was forming a Retiree Mobilization Program. He was coordinating activities of retired offices in case an unusual event occurred. He was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, polite and professional in his dealings with me and other retired NYPD Members of the Service. I then met Peter as another volunteer member of Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance for active and retired NYPD Members of the Service in need of help.. He was coordinating various activities and assisting active and retired officers. He was a mentor for many active and retired officers and again was extremely knowledgeable courteous, polite and professional.

  2. I know Pete Krauss from the NYPD and POPPA an organization to help PolicOfficers in crisis.Pete is an honest,compassionate ,professional Police Officer.He would be a valuable asset to any law enforcement agency.If u want the best vote for Pete Krauss.

  3. I have known Peter Krauss and his lovely family for many years. We have worked closely together in our local Churches of Christ, to help the communities in which they were located and indeed, for anyone else whose needs we became aware of in our local areas. I have always found Peter to be kind & considerate, smart, informed & aware as well as honest, trustworthy and when needed, firm, resourceful and resolute.

  4. I do not know Peter from any Police experience background. But, I have known Peter Krauss for several years now through our church affiliation and can state that he is a man of outstanding character and strong concern for those around him. Peter has a deep faith in God and a balanced moral compass of right and wrong. Peter has a passionate desire to help and serve others that he demonstrates regularly in his life. If you want to elect someone that you could really trust to do the tough job of Sheriff with wisdom, fairness, and diligence, than Peter is your person. I believe without a shadow of doubt that Peter is seeking this position to serve Suffolk County and not for the glory of gaining the title.

  5. I’ve known Sgt. Peter Krauss for many years back while working full time as a minister in Suffolk County, Long Island. I’ve had the privilege of sitting down with Sgt. Krauss discussion many spiritual topics. He is a devoted family man and has a heart for people. He has a deep love for God, his country and his fellow neighbor, always ready to offer encouraging words or to lend a helping hand. In these days of uncertainty, it is important for people in positions of service to be people of integrity, people of compassion and people who place the interests of others above their own. I believe Sgt. Peter Krauss is such a person.

  6. “Everything either rises or falls on leadership” many who read this would agree over the last several years, leadership has fallen to a low.

    However with this void of leadership opens the door of opportunity to be answered. One way you can tell alot about a person is simply by observing how he or she treats those who are around him.

    The question is “why” do I trust Peter Krauss?
    For he is a man of substance, a man of action & a man of compassion just to name of few.

    I’ve witnessed first hand the leadership qualities that Suffolk County is in dire need of.
    Honorable dad, loving husband, reliable and trustworthy friend.

    Those are the traits of a quality leader, in leadership you’re either a good leader or a tyrant, this upcoming election you get to decide on what quality of leader you want.
    Elect Peter Krauss for Sheriff.

  7. Peter Krauss and I met at The Church of Christ where we worship and work together for several years. Peter is a dedicated family man who has a deep and sincere love for Christ and His Church. Peter has good moral character and operates with integrity and sincerity. Peter Krauss has the ability to succeed and will be a valuable asset to any organization.

  8. Peter is someone of strong character and values. He is someone with an evident passion for our country and I believe would be used to make a great impact for the people he serves. He is a devoted husband and father and someone who would fight for the better of the people not the better of his pockets. He is the real deal if one is looking for someone with the right attitude, value-set and a genuine desire to make positive, lasting change. He would have my vote for sure!

  9. The question, “WHY” would I trust Peter Krauss as Sheriff?

    I’ve known Peter Krauss for many years now and he has shown me that he is a man who has great integrity and does not falter under pressure!! His decision making is always made with deep thought and honest opinion. He will not lie!! There is greatness in his beliefs and truthful honesty in his character.

    Pete is a caring husband and father and a value not only to his family but also to his community. He always raises the bar to make better life decisions for himself, his family and others who are around him. His desire for doing what is right has always been his passion in life.

    As Sheriff Peter Krauss, he will always maintain integrity and make great decisions for everyone’s good.

    There is no better candidate than Peter Krauss!!

  10. I’ve know Pete and his family for several years. We worshiped together for a while but still see each other from time to time through connections with the local church of Christ and the homeschooling community. Pete is a family man with a deep faith in God. He is a man of integrity. The expression “walk the talk” describes him best. I am certain he would be an excellent sheriff.

  11. I have known Peter Krauss for a number of years and he is a faithful Christian and a dedicated family man. His service in the NYPD was impeccable. Why should anyone trust him to be Sheriff? He is honest, dedicated, hardworking, compassionate and sincere. He will uphold the law and the Constitution with integrity.

  12. I’ve known Peter for many years and the first thing that comes to mind when I think of him is devoted family man. A selfless man devoted to serving God, his family, and others. I think he will be a great sheriff.

  13. Peter Krauss is my brother in Christ and have known him and is beautiful family family for over ten year’s now. Peter is a God fearing man who loves the lord and is a man of his word, he is diligent, honest, and respectful. Peter is a man who upholds the law, he values our judicial system and desires to keep our communities safe.
    It is paramount that we the people elect Peter Krauss for Suffolk county sheriff.

  14. I’ve known Pete Krause and his family for many years now and I have to say he is a great husband, father and brother in CHRIST. Pete has also been a great brother in blue as we were Sergeants together in the NYPD where he served with honor and distinction. Pete is the perfect candidate for Sheriff because his dedicated to completing his tasks using. He is honest, trustworthy and always maintains a high level of integrity while completing his tasks.

  15. Actions speak louder than words, and Peter is a man of action. Sgt. Peter Krause knows at the end of “the day” he has to answer to a Higher Authority for the way he thinks, speaks and acts and this is why he acts with integrity and honesty. He has the required background and experience of serving with distinction in the NYPD. Peter now wants to use his talents to protect and serve Suffolk County where he resides with his family.

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